“Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art.” – Peter Drucker

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Our Expertise

Without healthy and solid relationshiops, successful business deals will never take place. We connect our clients, their clients, and the business community in which we reside and help tying up all the loose ends to create the best deal for everyone.

Our Company

Today, our customers operate across almost all the continents. Continuous relationships and uncompromising human focused approach is highly appreciated by our long-term clients and attracts influencers from different industries. We know how to combine the needs of our customers with the best practises to create a powerful custom-tailored solution. The combination of considerable experience and the ability to form relations gives us an opportunity to look confidently into the future.

Our Services

We create the first connection between businesses and the right people. We don’t just stop there;We provide all solutions to make it work – marketing, promotion, distribution and selling products and services. We leverage our long-term experience and some human relation magic to build custom deals for a long lasting relationship.

Our Industries

Akthar provides best-in-class solutions across a number of industries and helps businesses realize their potential and improve profits. Our considerable experience reinforced by a deep knowledge businesses and people relations combine togehter to produce the best results for all parties involved.


We provide industry specific solutions for companies operating within the fashion industry. By offering a complete toolset combined with profound industry know-how, we help our customers improve their product during offering and have full control over marketing, promotion, distribution and selling.


Ecommerce services aim to find the right online selling solution for your company. By thoroughly examining your products we will find the deviation from the best practices. Akthar helps you choose the right solution to close the gap and ensure better business performance online.


Software consulting services are following the steps of project preparation, and implementing a given business solution. By leveraging our rich experience, we will ensure that you will get the exact solution you need with the right characteristics.


Our provided services allow our international banking customers to leverage the experience and knowledge we have accumulated over many projects. By combining world best practices with proprietary approach we will lower risk and ensure success and growth.


Akthar’ solution for internet companies is customer centric and adopt customer relationship management (CRM) strategy that optimizes the revenue streams, increases profitability and improves customer loyalty. CRM software and technology supports this strategy and together with the right stack of consulting services not just provides complete solution for sales and marketing, but also serves the business processes from Lead to Cash.


Akthar supports its clients through process of integrading trading solutions into the organization. We will lead you through the process from a-z, providing our attention to details every step of the way.  at Akthar our main objective is that of assisting our clients in sourcing and selecting the best investment, that meets exactly the required criteria and the precise requirements of our clients.

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